StageRace Setup

The easy-to-use StageRace Setup handles installation of the actual program, a number of example events, the necessary database support, and for registered users the device drivers for the hardware key (read below).

Also distributed with StageRace are the handy tools Time Calculator and Speed Calculator.

Support for easy un-installation is included.

Hardware Key

USB hardware keyAs of April 2017, StageRace is open sourced. Users of existing versions of StageRace will still need to use their hardware key, until someone creates an updated StageRace.exe, without this requirement, based on the open source code.

For protection of our software against infringements of our copyrights and other rights, we use a small hardware device ('hardware key') that paying, registered users get. With such hardware key connected to your computer, the evaluation mode of the software gets unlocked.

In evaluation mode, you cannot save documents, and generated classifications will not be fully complete.

We provide hardware keys for USB ports.

We hope for the understanding that without this kind of protection the development and support of StageRace would quickly come to a stop.

System Requirements

The following system requirements apply:

  • PC with Microsoft® Windows® XP or 7 or 8;
  • 50Mb free disk space and CD-ROM drive;
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0 or up must be installed;
  • Screen settings at 1024×768 resolution or up; and
  • Free USB port available.

In easy words: StageRace just works fine on every average personal computer running Microsoft® Windows®.

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