This page shows a number of interesting screen shots from StageRace. This is just a small selection; if you want to see all you can do with StageRace, get your own free evaluation copy from our Download page.

Main Window

Main window with event tree and publication view

Set-Up Half Stage

Setting up a half stage

Setting up bonuses for a half stage

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages in the user interface (English/Dutch/French)

Multiple languages in printed publications (any language)

Entering Data

Entering competitors

Entering a competitor

Entering a team

Apply a mask to the list of competitors

Entering Arrivals

Entering arrival data at 'finish time'

Importing arrival data at 'finish time'

Entering a communiqué


General settings

Ranking settings

Publication settings

Publication settings to exactly set columns, label, etc. to print


Select items from the event for fast uploading, printing, e-mailing

The StageRace Help system