This is an overview from the time that StageRace 2003 was introduced, to follow-up StageRace 2000. This new version improves the 2000 version at about hundred points. See the major changes that you will experience in the listing below. Meanwhile, we have moved on to the 2005 version, of which you can see a features overview here.

Core Functionality

Core functionalityNew functions allow you to administrate much more complex races now!

  • Use new points classifications next to existing sprint and climbing classifications.
  • Assign time bonuses to individual competitors.
  • Assign time penalties to individual competitors.
  • Print publications in the languages of your choice.
  • Add and maintain your own languages. Spanish already added for you.
  • Set an event to start with a prologue.
  • Add time trials now where net times have to be entered.
  • Set particular half stages only to use the deciding competitor for team classifications (for accomodating team time trials).
  • Use miles per hour (mph) next to kilometers per hour (km/h) now.
  • Sign in lists can now be printed for competitors to autograph before the race.
  • Print unofficial sprint and climbing classifications before the ending of the stage.
  • Classifications generation is in compliance with the 2003 regulations of the UCI.
  • Import of classifications for time trials (new in V2003.2.10).
  • Support of TT*Ware file import/export (new in V2003.2.10).

User Interface

The dramatically improved user interface simply looks better, and is therefore so much easier and more intuïtive to work with.

  • The windows for competitors and teams now seamlessly blend in with the main frame, allowing for a much more natural way of working.
  • The communiqué edit dialog can now give an immediate preview of the communiqué.
  • Competitor information is displayed, e.g. in the Arrival dialogs.
  • Settings dialog has been reviewed and dramatically improved.
  • Context menus are giving you all relevant functions literally at your fingertips. E.g. arrival functions can be accessed without using the Arrival dialogs.
  • Open and save dialogs remember the last used folder in a much smarter way now, and stimulate you storing your events in one central location (work folder).
  • Many dialogs are made resizable and maximizable.
  • Multiple views can be opened on the same document.
  • More toolbars are available which all are more specific to the tasks they work for.
  • Status bar has been reviewed and improved.

Competitors and Teams

Working with competitors and teams is now so much better!


  • Have up to 65 thousand competitors in a single event.
  • Insert spare competitors to keep full teams together without enrolling more competitors than appropriate for a certain event. Also easily swap enrolled competitors with spare competitors.
  • Change competitor nos., even inline in the competitors list.
  • Now also paste teams, and cut and copy competitors and teams.
  • Add new teams, the way you want it, while pasting competitors.
  • Add new teams when working with competitors.


Tip of the Day

  • Help has been fully rewritten and restructured. Appropriate topics can be jumped to now on a context-sensitive basis from within the software. A help index has been added.
  • Detailed information about the way classifications are calculated is included in the Help system now.
  • A Tip of the Day welcomes you every new session.
  • An around two hundred pages printed manual.


  • Choose exactly the desired columns and properties for printing. Also some new types of columns can be printed now.
  • Column headers and document descriptions are now repeated on every page.
  • The competitors involved in team classifications can be printed.
  • Drop outs can be printed detailedly now; so including name, UCI code, etc.
  • Print preview.


  • Generate publications on command.
  • Select multiple publications on beforehand to be printed or uploaded at once.
  • Send e-mails with selected publications.
  • Indicate which open document must be used for the StageRace messaging protocol.

Now get your own free evaluation copy from our Download page.

You may also want to contact Totaal Software for upgrading information.

Detailed specifications of all fixes and added features is available in the Updates overview.