The following considerations are a template that may be added to an actual contracting engagement/agreement. In itself, this is not a legal document. Rather, the following considerations are meant to level-set the expectations between the Customer (you) and the Contractor (Totaal Software/Sander Verhagen).

  1. Contractor will work up to a nominal 15 hours per week. If there is an opportunity to exceed this number, and thus to speed up the work, Contractor will consult with Customer.
  2. Contractor will provide time statements or invoices on a weekly basis (typically Sunday night or Monday morning). Customer will review these and provide remarks within three business days. Otherwise these become final, and Customer will commit to payment of the associated fees for these.
  3. The work or services will be highly iterative in nature. Value will typically be added to the materials in small increments and immediately made available to Customer through their source code management system, sometimes as often as daily or more often. Customer will be responsible to evaluate that each (however small) increment satisfies their requirements and is fit for its purpose.
  4. Contractor will do their best effort as a software engineering professional to deliver high quality work, but the final responsibility for the quality lies with Customer, who at any time may evaluate the materials in the source code management system. Contractor will accept no liability for the quality of the work or services.
  5. Often Contractor will be able, at their own judgement, to start work on a subsequent iteration of the work (increment of the materials) or services, and they will silently do so. Contractor typically consults an agreed upon strategy, statement of work or backlog to determine the appropriate subsequent iteration. It is only at their discretion to consult with Customer ahead of doing so. If Customer desires more control over subsequent work, they will assert ahead of time.

Totaal Software is a sole proprietorship as registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. Work will be invoiced at the agreed-upon hourly rate, and the Customer will provide a form 1099-MISC at year-end.

The following things may be prepared to get going quickly:

  • Your standard NDA
  • A tangible statement of work
    E.g. access to tracker or collaboration system
  • Access to source code management system
  • Relevant documentation about design, architecture, coding standards, etc.
  • Access to communication platform of team
    E.g. Slack, Jabber, or just a list of team members and their e-mail addresses