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Sander Verhagen is a lead software engineer and architect, and the proprietor of Totaal Software. This blog was established in December 2013 as an outlet to showcase small code snippets, share great finds from the web and mailing lists, related to (Java) software development.

I'm excited to announce XS Spaces, a site where people share their extra space with those in need of storage space, to house their extra stuff! Make some extra money by sharing your underutilized space and help a Portland start-up with your feedback in the process!

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A lot of bad practices exist in software development. When focusing on testing, specifically unit and integration testing, there are still plenty of them. This discusses a few bad practices regarding logging. I am providing 6 rules for effective and useful logging in your tests, plus a library that can help with that.

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Another update got released for the mp3 Browser plugin for Joomla. This version was tested with Joomla 4.0.0-alpha2 and is believed appropriate for use with Joomla versions 3 and 4 (Release Notes). This version is now using the browser's default HTML5 player, using legacy Dewplayer as the fallback. A new version can be downloaded here.

After much too long, an update got released for the mp3 Browser plugin for Joomla. This version has a few small but nice improvements (Release Notes) but it is mostly a service release for compatibility with newer versions of Joomla and PHP (7.0). A new version can be downloaded here.

Today StageRace was open sourced, to allow existing customers (and the general public) to continue the useful life of StageRace for their purposes.

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Today we announce Emcee, available at, in a collaboration between Totaal Software and Squins IT Solutions. Emcee is a public beta, and free to use. Master the ceremony of maintaining and updating (software) systems. The ideas behind Emcee are simple: if you manage (software) systems that require maintenance, let the users of these systems know before, during and after the maintenance.

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