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Sander Verhagen is a lead software engineer and architect, and the proprietor of Totaal Software. This blog was established in December 2013 as an outlet to showcase small code snippets, share great finds from the web and mailing lists, related to (Java) software development.

In larger projects there is always the desire to split up parts of the project into separate modules (e.g. Maven modules). Within WAR web applications you may want to move web resources to a separate module. WAR overlays were the way to go, but as of Servlet 3.0 there is another (possibly better) way to deal with external web resources. However, it took some doing to get it to work with Jetty.

Read more: Jetty with Servlet 3.0 External Resources

I found this on the Portland DevOps mailing list and thought it was enjoyable (maybe I fell for the ASCII art in the leader). This library of short, instructional videos is yet in its inphancy, but it has potential. Go watch!

By their own description:

simple bite sized sysadmin screencasts (released twice-weekly)

Read this on the Portland DevOps mailing list. Seems that all warriors for a better cause need their manifesto. I've always liked untangling development, deployment, configuration and other distinct responsibilities or dependencies. But more is needed to become a Twelve-Factor App. Go read!