Incident Manager Overview

Incident Manager is a web application for the management of incidents – linking the right engineer to an incident, following up on incidents and managing their resolution. It is aimed at a variety of organizations involved in field services. Incident Manager serves as a central hub for engineers, customers, principals, and can easily be integrated with other systems in your enterprise or an existing web portal.

Customers do business from their locations across a large geographical area. Engineers are available to perform services that fit e.g. their skillset, at locations that are within their geographical range. Incident Manager helps matching engineers to locations to manage the resolution of incidents as reported by the customers.

Incident Manager offers a variety of deployment options to those running their own instance on-site. However, it is also available as a hosted cloud solution.

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Incident Manager has a crisp, modern look-and-feel, which can be easily rebranded for your own instance and for different customers.

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Incident Manager is built as an enterprise-grade client/server architecture with a collection of strong open source frameworks, mostly in the Java domain.

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