Incident Manager Help Items

These are items from the online Help system of Incident Manager.

The attributions show all the software modules of which Incident Manager is composed, much of which are open source software.

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A broadcast can be used by managers and system administrators to send information to users. This may be used for general announcements, such as system maintenance.

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An embedded list shows a collection of items as part of a larger form.

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File attachments allow to add files to entities. These files may clarify or describe something about the entity.

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A list shows a collection of items. This allows the review of multiple items at the same time.

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Pagination allows the review of multiple items, one page at a time.

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Some projects require that an engineer enters a sign-off code.

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A single item view shows many, if not all, details of the particular item. This allows the detailed review of the particular item.

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A text template allows to configure predefined text contents for reuse in the system.

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