A single item view shows many, if not all, details of the particular item. This allows the detailed review of the particular item.

Saving Changes

Typically the single item view lets you make changes to the particular item.

When you are done making changes, click "Save" to persist your work.

You can only click "Save" if all mandatory fields in the single item view are (properly) filled in. This is indicated in one of the following ways:

  • A red glow around the fields that are not (properly) filled in
  • A red warning text below the "Save" button
  • An alert at the top of the page after clicking "Save"

If you have no permissions to make changes to the particular item, you may see the single item view in read-only mode.

Go Back

When you choose to make no changes to the particular item, or you choose to discard your changes, you can click "Cancel", which brings you back to the previous view (typically).