File attachments allow to add files to entities. These files may clarify or describe something about the entity.

File attachments may be images, but also other file types such as PDF, ZIP files.

File attachments may be added to entities such as:

When seeing file attachments listed, you may choose to either see those of the subject that they are listed for, or also for related items.

When looking at subject File attachments will be shown for
Customer Subject customer itself
Incident Related project, customers, principal and location
Inventory item Subject inventory item itself; related section, location, customer and inventory item definition
Inventory item definition Subject inventory item definition itself
Location Subject location itself; related customer
Project Subject project itself; related customer and principal
Section Subject section itself; related location and customer
Work order Related project, customers, principal and location

Note that incidents and work orders don't allow file attachments to be added, but they will still list file attachments for related items.