This version was tested with Joomla 4.0.0-alpha2 and is believed appropriate for use with Joomla versions 3 and 4.

  • #53 Using HTML5 player, using legacy Dewplayer as the fallback
  • Make CSS classes more specific, they were clashing with Joomla 4's "cassiopeia" theme


  • Fixed broken indexer
  • Making getid3 work on PHP 7
  • #37 Fixed broken import
  • #38 Using "download" attribute on download anchors to prevent opening a new window (works in modern browsers)
  • #62 Components again not working
  • #63 Components don't have introtext
  • Moved to GitHub and made releasable-ish again
  • Added logo file


  • Bugs fixed, such as missing DS constants in Joomla 3


  • Support Joomla 3 (in addition to 2.5)
  • #26 #29 Allow the mp3 plugin to work in components and modules
  • Support of non-default (ISO-8859-1) encoding for id3v1 tags
  • Hide when empty (configurable)
  • Show sub-folders (configurable)
  • Made upgradable (without uninstallation step)
  • #22 Folder class not loaded

Thanks to contributions from jasonrhl and Reinhold Kainhofer, and others that posted issues.


  • Support older PHP version


  • Made player configurable (insert your own player HTML)
  • Bug fixed for non-ASCII characters in file names

Note that 0.2.4 and 0.2.5 are essentially the same as 0.2.6, but the release and upload process failed, hence these versions were skipped. This was due to the move from GitHub to Google Code that was also done per these versions.


  • Cover art and artist search taxonomy
  • Anchor per MP3, used in search results
  • Bugs fixed, such as compliance with JED


  • Rendering options for mobile
  • Basic support for using URLs from MP3 tags
  • Option to limit download to registered users only
  • Cleaned up configuration
  • Bugs fixed, such as support of cover art on older IE versions


  • Bugs fixed


  • Smart Search indexing
  • Volume control
  • Allow individual music tags to override plugin configuration using parameter attributes such as {music maxRows="15"}...
  • Filter files on regular expression
  • Date/time sorting options


  • Multi-language
  • "No items to display" when appropriate
  • Cells with cover art, comments and copyright


  • Some existing bugs fixed
  • Rewrites offering equal functionality to the plugin that this fork was based upon