StageRace was specifically designed to cooperate with electronic timing devices such as photo finish or transponder systems in the administration of road cycling events.


The diagram below illustrates how the timing of such events would be set up in the case of a photo finish system being used.


Photo Finish Processing

One work station (on the right) is dedicated to the capturing of images from the finish camera(s) that is/are aligned on the finish line.

The station also is responsible for the time base relating captured images to the start time of the event with the required accuracy.

Photo Finish Judgement

Acquired images are stored in a shared medium, allowing a second work station (in the middle) to start judging the finish film while it is still being under recording by the first work station.

The second work station provides the ranking that results from the judgement.

Classification Generation

The third work station (on the left) has processed competitor names, signed out competitors and intermediate sprints already long before it uses the ranking from the second work station. At this point, only group times and other jury decisions have to be applied after which all publications are generated.

The jury is given a hard copy for them to examine the outcome. If these papers are approved, they are autographed by the jury member that is responsible on the site. This autographed copy is held by the administration staff or the signatory, to be handed to the president of the jury, later.

Approved classifications are posted on a web server. Also another hard copy is made, which will be provided to the organiser of the event for multiplication and distribution.

Work stations are being merged or added based on the composition of the timekeeping staff and the type of the event.


Classification generation

The Classification generation work station mainly uses the StageRace administration software. For the rest, some small tools are available, of which some will communicate with StageRace in real-time.