Sander Verhagen

Accomplished technical leader (he/him) with experience in hosted and cloud software/SaaS, (micro-)services, enterprise software, as well as products with strong hardware device integrations.

  • Titles: BSc (EET), BSc (IT)
  • Date of birth: 1978 June 2
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • USA employment status: permanent residency
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telephone: (+1) (503) 734-7419
  • LinkedIn:
  • Website:


  • Software engineering BSc
  • 15+ years professional experience
  • Authentic leadership of teams and projects
  • Excellent communication and team work
  • Pragmatic, hands-on mentality, driven for results
  • Requirements analysis, and authoring of specs and docs
  • Go-to person in large and strategic projects
  • Dedicated to project success
  • Java coding and architecture
  • DevOps advocate
  • Strong design of reusable and maintainable software
  • OO, UML, DI
  • Highly productive in coding using TDD
  • Protocol implementations, WS, SOAP, REST
  • Strong focus on SDLC, process, tooling, reproducibility, Agile, Scrum, DevOps
  • Scalable systems using Docker, AWS
  • Expert in Maven and CI
  • Relational database designs and optimizations
  • Also Elasticsearch, graph databases

Professional experience

Backend Engineering Manager

2019-current, Skyward, A Verizon Company, Portland, Oregon, USA,

  • Managing a team of backend engineers. Scaling teams and development best practices. Architecting API and micro-services. Mentoring team members to write well-tested, quality code, that can go in production fast and with confidence.

Java Consultant

2018-2019, Skyward, A Verizon Company, Portland, Oregon, USA,

  • Architect of a micro-services architecture, advocating best practices in design of APIs and microservices, and the transition away from a monolith. Providing leadership in code-DevOps integration, and development best practices. Mentoring team members to write well-tested, quality code, that can go in production fast and with confidence. Java development on Skyward's drone operations cloud software.


2018-2019, XS Spaces, Portland, Oregon, USA,

  • In charge of all things technology for the development and operation of XS Spaces, a business venture of Peak 10 Technology Inc., that offers and operates the site and services to connect owners of space with renters, for the purpose of storage.

Tech Lead (Lead Developer)

2014-2018, Jama Software, Portland, Oregon, USA,

  • Development of new features, and a scalable cloud platform, using technologies such as Java, Spring, Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, Mockito, JavaScript, Ext JS, REST, JSON, Jersey, Swagger, Neo4j, OrientDB, MySQL, Docker, Git, Maven, TeamCity, AWS, Consul, Packer, Python, Locust, New Relic. Architecture of enterprise SaaS solution using (micro-)services. DevOps advocate.

Java Consultant

2015-2018, Versal Inc., San Fancisco, California, USA,

  • Full redesign of marketplace application, using technologies such as Java, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, Querydsl, REST/Jersey, REST Assured, JUnit, Mockito, Elasticsearch, Vagrant. Unit tests-first refactoring work.



  • Development of a web application for a field service organization that allows them to manage and follow up on incidents and field engineers, using technologies such as Java, Spring Core (IOC/DI), Spring Security, property management, Log4j, Maven, Hibernate (Core, Filters, Envers, events, interceptors), JPA, Spring MVC, REST, JSON, Swagger, Apache Tomcat 7, H2, PostgreSQL, using Eclipse IDE, TDD, JUnit, EasyMock, Jetty, REST Assured. User interface using technologies such as AngularJS, Bootstrap (UI JS, CSS), CSS, HTML, JavaScript.

Sr. Software Developer

2013-2014, AutoAp, Portland, Oregon, USA,

  • Rearchitecture of back-end application, making it maintainable and extendible, and introducing unit and integration tests, using technologies such as Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Jetty, Tomcat, Jackson, JAX-RS, Jersey, JSON, REST, REST Assured, JPA, Hibernate (MySQL), Hibernate Search (Apache Lucene), JUnit, EasyMock, Hamcrest, Spring (Context, ORM, Web, Security), Dropwizard, Maven, Codemodel, Lombok, Orika, Velocity.

Sr. Systems Engineer/Analyst

2013-2014, Con-way Enterprise Services, Freight IT, Portland, Oregon, USA (now XPO Logistics, Inc.)

  • Design and implementation of systems used by freight inspectors, e.g. (predictive) recommendations of shipments worthwhile inspecting, using technologies such as Java EE (J2EE, EJB), TIBCO BusinessEvents, Spring Core (IOC/DI), Hibernate, JPA, JBOSS Seam, Selenium WebDriver, Arquillian, Maven. Application deployed on IBM WebSphere, JBOSS AS 7 and TIBCO ESB. Design of database definition (SQL, DDL). Part of self-guiding team involved in project organization, task planning, et cetera.

Project/Team Leader

2010-'12, WPS Parking Systems B.V., Eindhoven, the Netherlands,

  • Formation and management of core team (10 FTE) and contractors.
  • Implementation/advocacy of professional software development processes, quality systems, Agile, Scrum, CI, coding standards.
  • Management of backlog, reported defects and work assignments. Reporting on progress. Escalation of impediments. In charge of hiring, performance reviews.

Software Architect

2006-'11, WPS Parking Systems B.V., Eindhoven, the Netherlands,

  • Specification, architecture and design to realize an entirely new car park management system. Strong involvement in overall project: electronics, mechanics, embedded and server software. Java-based technology stack and SOA-ready component architecture of around 200 modules. 30 man-years spent on project, 4 million euros initial project budget. Involvement in installation and support (troubleshooting, debugging). “Go to” person for the product; commercial support, accompanying account/product managers, giving presentations about features and technology of the product. Supervision, coaching, coordination meetings, networking, interaction with stakeholders.
  • Implementation of DevOps techniques for end-to-end development; automated, traceable, consistent, validating.
  • Supervision and participation in implementation using technologies such as Spring IOC/DI, Maven, programming against interfaces, Hibernate/JPA, XFire/CXF, XML, DTD, XSD, web services, AOP, AspectJ, Log4j, JSP, JSF, TDD, JUnit, EasyMock, BASH/SH scripting (Linux). Integrations of third-party devices, using various protocols.
  • Improving database performance, query optimization, (de-)normalization efforts, transaction optimization, using technologies such as Hibernate/JPA, PostgreSQL, SQL.
  • Implementation of product installation in Debian package format on Ubuntu.
  • Requirements gathering; authoring of architecture, specifications for development and technical documentation.

Software Developer, Lead Software Developer

2003-'06, SEW, Special Electronic Ways, Breda, the Netherlands

  • Architect and lead of the developments in software, embedded software and hardware, managing up to 10 developers.
  • Building and supporting management software for large-scale chip card systems used in access control, payment.



  • Development of various applications of different sizes for companies and non-profits, mostly in Visual C/C++.


Primary/secondary school in the Netherlands and Belgium. Higher education in the Netherlands.

Computer/Software Engineering BSc

2001-'02, Fontys University of Professional Education, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Conversion course, 83% overall average.

Electronics Engineering BSc

1997-2001, Fontys University of Professional Education, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Major graduation subjects: Digital System Design (IC Design), Digital Signal Processing, Telematics.

Management/Communication Skills

  • Authentic leadership style
  • Broad stakeholders’ involvement
  • Dealt with cross-project politics
  • Designed and implemented process tooling
  • Direct management of teams up to 10, leadership in projects up to 25
  • Coaching of team members
  • Formalized development processes
  • Hired and managed external contractors and consultants
  • Implemented Agile, Scrum development and DevOps techniques
  • Internal/external partnerships to enable opportunities
  • Pragmatic, hands-on mentality, driven for results
  • Regular management reporting, used up to board of directors
  • Requirements analysis
  • Strong mediation skills
  • Worked with international/off-site development teams

Programming Skills

  • Software design techniques such as OO, UML, IoC, DI, TDD, unit testing, performance testing, programming against interfaces
  • Requirements analysis
  • Strong focus on Java SE, but also JavaScript and Python
  • Java technologies such as Spring, Hibernate (Core/ORM, Filters, Envers, events, interceptors, Search), JPA, Querydsl, AOP, AspectJ, Orika, Jackson, Jersey, JAX-RS, XFire/CXF, REST Assured, JSP, JSF, Log4j, SLF4j, Commons, Codemodel, Lombok, JUnit, Hamcrest, EasyMock, Mockito, Selenium WebDriver
  • Protocol implementations, inter-system and for connecting devices, such as SOAP, REST web services (XML, JSON), Swagger, messaging using JMX and Apache ActiveMQ
  • Frontend development in AngularJS and React, using Bootstrap, CSS
  • Tooling implementations such as artifact and source repositories, build-deploy pipelines, application-lifecycle management, et cetera, CI, Git, expert knowledge of Maven, TeamCity, Bamboo
  • Containerization using Docker, Docker Compose, in development, production and tooling
  • Databases, such as H2, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL; DDL, SQL (query optimizing); Elasticsearch, Neo4j, OrientDB (graph databases)
  • Web servers such as Apache HTTPD, Apache Tomcat, Jetty, AWS
  • Operational tooling such as AWS, CloudFormation, Consul, Datadog, New Relic, Packer, PagerDuty, Scout, Vagrant
  • Various common desktop applications and IDEs


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Part-time customer

“Sander’s experience and development ability are exemplary. Throughout his work with our platform (…) count on timely solutions to some of the more vexing problems in our ecosystem. He is fast, thorough, and equally at home working independently or in close interaction with existing products and teams. It has been an honor working with a professional of Sander's caliber, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Part-time customer

“Sander is an expert in his field. He came on board, worked very hard and really helped our back-end development. Very organized and focused on client success. He is also very easy to work with. I highly recommend him!”

External consultant

“Sander is one of the most passionate people I have ever worked with. He is an expert in speeding up project productivity and quality and understands both the business requirements and key issues in software engineering / architecture; he fixes process problems in the project, to make sure that team members are able to focus on their role. Focus on quality on all parts of complex software projects, including requirements, design and code! Can do mentality; if you want higher quality and more productivity in agile software projects, I’d highly recommend Sander!”


“Although I had the pleasure to co-operate with great people before and after having Sander as a colleague, he stands far above them all. (...)”

Team member

“Sander is one of those persons who instantly understands a given problem and knows how to solve it. His devotion to the project is unmatched and invaluable. He strives for perfection within reasonable limits and encourages others to do also.”


“Sander is a very dedicated and competent person. I enjoyed working with him at WPS Parking Systems, where we were developing a new Parking System from scratch. Sander is open to different opinions and solutions, thoroughly balances alternatives and takes firm decisions. Afterwards he sticks to these decisions giving the whole team stability during the project. Sander leads the software team by strong example behavior. A deadline is for him a deadline and he will do everything he can to stick to the planning.

Sander is a strong communicator, he feels at ease with presentations for customers and Board of Directors. Sander maintains good relationships with customers, suppliers, different engineering disciplines and other stakeholders.”


“Sander Verhagen is a skilled and determined technical professional (…) capable to start a product architectural design and development from scratch using the best of agile and evolutionary methodologies. Sander has shown a remarkable energy and flexibility with respect to commitment to the product under development. (…) Sander has performed excellent in a complex, distributed architecture and multi technology product development.”

Version: 2017-11-18

Printed: 2017-11-21