Some projects require that an engineer enters a sign-off code.

This code needs to be entered before the engineer can actually sign-off on a work order.

The process for this is as follows:

  1. The engineer resolves the work order at the location of the customer
  2. The engineer adds the appropriate attachments (picture before, after, signed sign-off document)
  3. The engineer contacts the customer (e.g. an operator)
  4. The customer reviews the work order (i.e. the attachments)
  5. Upon approval, the customer generates the sign-off code
  6. The customer tells the engineer the sign-off code
  7. The engineer can sign-off on the work order using the sign-off code they received

This process benefits the customer in that they can validate the work of the work order, prior to the engineer's departure.

This process benefits the engineer in that they gain confidence that the work of the work order is executed to satisfaction, prior to their departure.

The sign-off code is a 4-digit numeric code, similar to the PIN code of a bank card.

The sign-off code is (re-)generated on request of the customer (e.g. an operator).

Engineers have space on the intervention/incident report to note down the sign-off code as a reminder for themselves.