Incident Manager offers a variety of deployment options to those running their own instance on-site. However, it is also available as a hosted cloud solution.

Incident Manager is available in two deployment modes:

  • On-site
  • Hosted cloud solution


In the on-site deployment mode organizations install and maintain their own instance of Incident Manager on their own server infrastructure. Installation is straightforward, and this is a great solution for organizations which want to keep tight control of their assets. Incident Manager supports a variety of deployment scenarios to assist organizations in using this mode. Organizations may desire this mode if they are running in-house integrations built against the Incident Manager API (although this is not a mandatory constraint).

Hosted Cloud Solution

In the hosted cloud solution our implementation partner installs and maintains an instance of Incident Manager in the cloud. There is no hassle in installation and maintenance for the organizations, and this is a great solution for organizations who are comfortable outsourcing their assets. Our implementation partner guarantees availability within agreed-upon service levels, and offers optional additional services. The web application and the Incident Manager API are available over the web.