Incident Manager is built as an enterprise-grade client/server architecture with a collection of strong open source frameworks, mostly in the Java domain.

"Why are you using Java, is it safe?"
Incident Manager uses Java underneath its server-side platform. Java is trusted by the leading companies of the world for exactly that. Java is platform-independent, which means that there is endless deployment options available, e.g. for organizations running their own instance on-site. Recent security concerns stem from Java installations on end-user PCs, which is a technology that Incident Manager does not use. All that is needed on end-user PCs to work with Incident Manager is a web browser.


The architecture of the system contains the following logical parts:

  • Database: mainly used as a data store
  • Data access layer: entities and data access objects
  • Service: beans that take care of business logic
  • REST servlet: beans that take care of exposing service methods over JSON REST interface
  • Dynamic web page: application running inside user’s web browser

For more details also see: Software Architecture (Knowledge Base)

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