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Sander Verhagen is a lead software engineer and architect, and the proprietor of Totaal Software. This blog was established in December 2013 as an outlet to showcase small code snippets, share great finds from the web and mailing lists, related to (Java) software development.

I attended a presentation of the Portland JUG tonight that sparked some great conversation around RESTful web services, specifically the JSON kind. It became apparent that there is still many people that hadn't heard of this great tool to automatically document your REST API, named Swagger.

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I have a great day job, but want to keep busy during evenings and weekends. My previous part-time Java projects have been wrapped up, so I'm looking for a new one.

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Totaal Software announces the immediate availability of Incident Manager version 3.1. Incident Manager is a web application for the management of field services organizations.

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I had this class that I wanted to add a convenience method to. But I was getting this weird exception: VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack.

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Really, I'm a Subversion guy. Having previously worked with Visual SourceSafe (last released in 2005) and smacked my head hard against the wall when using CVS, using SVN was a dream. Then the raving started about about Git. And since Linus Torvalds told us so, there must be something good about it. Some brief encounters just didn't quite do the trick for me.

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You don't want to see stack traces in unit tests. Unless something is wrong. That means you don't want to see stack traces when the test succeeds. But what if your code happily logs some stack traces?

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