Really, I'm a Subversion guy. Having previously worked with Visual SourceSafe (last released in 2005) and smacked my head hard against the wall when using CVS, using SVN was a dream. Then the raving started about about Git. And since Linus Torvalds told us so, there must be something good about it. Some brief encounters just didn't quite do the trick for me.

Since version control lets you have all your code safely in a single place, why would anyone want to distribute their sources like Git? Then I found the Git tools to be just a lot more clunky than those I was used to for SVN (TortoiseGit doesn't quite live up to TortoiseSVN, and I had other unlucky experiences). And soon I messed up some Git branch. Push. Pull.

But the time has come that I stop complaining about Git, so I bought a book. I'm on page 5. I'll follow up with you all.

Version Control with Git, Jon Loeliger, O'Reilly