A history item is added to the history of an incident or a work order (the subject) to add information to the subject, such as comments and pictures.

History items can be of different types:

  • Simple textual commentary
  • Purchase that is done through the purchasing system
  • Purchase that is done by the engineer while at work, e.g. bought simple spare parts at a local electronics store
  • Sign-off comment that indicates that the work order is concluded. The corresponding work order (the subject) will automatically be closed
  • Just a binary file attached
  • Attachment that can be rendered as a picture (may be a photograph), such as:
    • Picture before work is started
    • Picture after work is finished
    • Receipt of something
    • Sign-off document
    • Something else
  • Expenses that are made by the engineer for the work

History items can have different visibility:

  • Normal visibility. Everyone who can see the subject can see the history item
  • Only internally visible. Everyone who is not associated with the customer of the subject can see the history item,
    i.e. not "Manager for customer" and "Operator for customer" roles
  • Only visible to management,
    i.e. "Manager of the system" role

History items can typically only be created. They can only be updated by managers and system administrators.